Flappy bird is a game designed for Iphones in 2013 in Hanoi. It is simply a 2D graphics avoidance game. Just like any other Smartphone game, Flappy bird has the ability to get hold of the player’s attention for long hours.

In this game, a pixilated bird that has wings and moves to the right side of the screen is guided through obstacles. When one taps the screen, the bird moves higher and when one releases, it moves down. The pipes (obstacles) are generated in the course of the game in a random manner and one has to avoid hitting them. The game is captivating in the sense that it has no power ups, boosts, or diversions. It is just pure obstacle avoidance. Passing a pair of pipes is not easy let alone a whole set. One just has to keep on playing the game and tapping the screen until you get the right timing. Do this until you are able to beat the high score.

There are a few tips and tricks however, that one can use to get a better high score. First, just because the game is designed for Iphones, it does not mean that one cannot use an Ipad that has a wider screen. Using an Ipad will give you a wider field of play. This will enable you to be precise with your taps as well as give you time to recover from your previous tap.You could also try sticking to one part of the screen when tapping. If you are right handed, tapping the bottom right part of the screen will help you not to block your own vision.

Coming up with a rhythm to use when playing will go a long way to helping you master the game. You will however have to stay calm and relaxed since the bird normally falls faster than you would expect. Ensure you have your eyes on the bird and not the pipes. You could also try staying high and dropping right when you get close to the pipes. You then tap the screen and rise through the space. It is easier to control it this way. Cheats for this game is not worth it as it is very simple.Having these simple tricks in mind, you could indulge yourself in playing the game. Try however not to smash your phone in the process.